In marriage, all that matters at the end of each day, is your faith in God and your love for each other. What I strive for is the ability to end each and every day with the knowledge that I treated my husband with kindness and respect, and that he knew, without a doubt, that he was loved...
Today I start a 40 day journey toward a better marriage, I hope that some of you will come along on this journey, there is always something that we can learn from each other.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

day 5 : love is not rude

He who blesses his friend with a loud voice early in the morning, it will be reckoned a curse to him.

—Proverbs 27:14


Ask your spouse to tell you three things that cause him or her to be uncomfortable or irritated with you. You must do so without attacking them or justifying your behavior. This is from their perspective only.

Recap of yesterday: Calling my hubby in the middle of the day just to say hello is a pretty easy one since we do that already, just about every day. :o)

Hope you are all doing well, would love to hear your feedback! There have been a couple rough patches here and there for me. I have such a tendency to spout off whatever's on my mind without thinking, which usually ends up being something I feel very guilty for later, and wishing that I'd have thought about it first. Definitely one of the biggest things I need to work on - not letting my emotions take hold... What are you discovering about yourself that you could possibly change to make things better in your relationship?


♥georgie♥ said...

i love that you are doing this with me!!!!!
I gotta say it is a good thing that day is 'love is not irritable' because his list kinda upset me BUT i am holding firm...I need to find the 'Standers Affirmation' and post it with tomorrows love dare

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